The Dorrance Historical Society Museum, located in the Reiff Building, exhibits artifacts from the community's rich history including a fine collection of buggies, buckboards and farm equipment used to carve out a life in Kansas soil. Watering stops on the Smoky Hill Trail and Butterfield Overland Despatch and wagon train tracks can be seen south of town. (Restricted Access) 

In modern times Dorrance is known as one of the filming sites for the 1973 film "Paper Moon" and in the Action Comics #882 story titled "Repo Man"; where Dorrance is designated as the location of Smallville, of Superman fame. In addition to all this history, Toss Back, the company which invented and first produced the "Snap Back" rim used in NBA basketball, was located in Dorrance. The family business still exists today.

Dorrance Museum

Dorrance, Kansas

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